MONACO (MON): The Wanda Diamond League has released a provisional schedule for the 2021 season which is due to begin in Rabat on 23 May and conclude with a two-day final Weltklasse in Zurich on 8-9 September. Following on from Rabat, the Diamond League heads to Doha on 28 May before arriving in Europe with Rome (4 June), Oslo (10 June), Stockholm (4 July), Monaco (9 July) and London (13 July), the final meeting before the Olympic Games and the only British meeting on the calendar in 2021. Shanghai (14 August) is the first post-Olympics meeting followed by Eugene (21 August) and an unconfirmed second meeting in China on 22 August. The last four events will be Lausanne (26 August), Paris (28 August), Brussels (3 September) and Zurich (8-9 September). The calendar is strictly provisional at this stage and remains subject to changes depending on the global health situation in 2021. First time in the series it will not be open by Doha, first will be Rabat. Stockholm moved from June to July, interesting to see right after Olympic Games Chinese meets and Prefontaine Classic. Britain has only one meet as Gateshead is no longer part of the series and London will be only one day fixture.

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